Fox Creek Pet Ranch

Guinea Pigs, Bunnies and Hamsters and Pocket Pets

$20 per night 

We ask that you please provide all items needed for their stay.

What to bring:

Their cage/crate/habitat


Food dish/ water dish

water bottle

Any treats/hay or extras they may need

If they eat fresh produce, please bring enough for the first 4 days of your stay.

Please bring extra bedding if staying longer than 10 days and you would like their cage cleaned.

Any pet staying longer than 4 days will be provided continued fresh produce if they require it. After the first 4 days it will be included to you at no extra charge. Please bring enough for the first 4 days of your stay.

All caged pets staying 10 or more days will have a cage cleaning/changing upon request. Please let us know if your pets needs are different. We are happy to accommodate.