Guinea Pigs, Bunnies, Hamsters and Pocket Pets

$20 per night 

We ask that you please provide all items needed for their stay.

What to bring:

Their cage/crate/habitat


Food dish/ water dish

water bottle

Any treats/hay or extras they may need

If they eat fresh produce or require a specialty perishable item we ask that you please bring enough for at least the first 4 days of your stay. If this type of food is required, please chop/prep and bag each meal in a ziplock bag and label it with your pets name.

Please bring extra bedding if you would like their cage cleaned and bedding changed during their stay.

If your pet will be needing fresh produce or specialty perishable items, and they are staying longer than 4 days, please discuss this with us ahead of time to ensure we can meet your needs. If we can get your items at our local Publix (corner of 70 and Lorraine) you will be billed the cost of your required products. If your pet requires a specialty item from a specialty store there will be a trip charge of $55 per hour plus the cost of products. Minimum one hour. 

Fox Creek Pet Ranch