Hello! I am Tracy Fox and I would like to welcome you and your family to my Pet Ranch!

 A little about me!

I was beyond blessed to grow up with animals. We had dogs and cats in the house and I was lucky enough to ride horses competitively all through my teens. I began working for a veterinarian when I was 17 and worked my way up until I became the practice manager for a large 6 doctor practice. In 2001, I took my practice management knowledge and became a partner in my own veterinary practice. When I had my first of three children in 2003, I shifted my duties and worked behind the scenes becoming a stay at home/work at home mom.

 I have wanted to start a boarding facility for a very long time but being a busy mom of 3, I knew I would have to wait until the kids were a little older, however, the dream was always there. At the end of 2015, I sold my share of the veterinary practice and I am now chasing my dream!  

We are lucky enough to live in a community of people that love their pets like family. To some, they are their children. To others, they are loved a very close second. Being a mom, and sharing a love for animals, I understand that we are all looking for the same thing when we have to trust our pets to be cared for by someone other than ourselves. We want them in a clean, safe, loving environment where they can have fun, get exercise, and have a cozy place to sleep at night. I am so excited to finally be able to bring my dream to reality and I think you will agree that I have found the perfect place to do it! 

We have four sweet dogs (well 3 and 1 the verdict is still out on!) that live here on the ranch. Scout, a black lab mix, Moose, a long-haired dapple dachshund, Ellie a yellow lab mix and Peaches, a sweet and sometimes feisty little chihuahua. Our dogs are happier than they have ever been because here at the Ranch, a dog can be a dog! You will probably see Scout and Ellie when you visit the ranch as they work with me almost every day.

We also have a cat, Olive, a hamster, Omelet, and an adorable and sweet bunny, Ripley. When you enter our amazing oak-lined driveway be sure to look in the pastures! You will notice the Ranch is home to our own tiny little herd of miniature horses! 

It is my promise to you to always do my best to provide the care you are looking to receive for your pet while you are away.

Because of our unique space, we will gladly care for whatever sweet critter you call family and provide them with lots of love, days filled with fun, full bellies and a cozy place to rest their head at night. 

We look forward to caring for you and your family. 

Fox Creek Pet Ranch