Fox Creek Pet Ranch


Overnight Guests: $50 per night                   

Day Guests: $20 per day


We specialize in overnight and long term care. This is not their home, we know we cannot duplicate home. However, we want to be the next best thing for them! Think of it like going to grandma's house! We think what makes the Ranch so great is that we are a small, family run business. We pride ourselves on personally getting to know your dog so that we can provide the best experience for them! We want them to feel like they are part of our family here on the ranch! We want them to feel like they are on vacation at a place that is safe, where they can play, rest comfortably and most of all, we want them to feel like they are loved like one of our own!

What is included in your pet's stay:

~ Everyone is provided their own room. This is where they will sleep, eat and have treat time. We provide bowls, beds, blankets and/or rugs depending upon the needs of your dog. You are more than welcome to bring items from home but it is not necessary as we have everything needed for a comfortable stay. 

~ Everyone is given sufficient potty breaks. 

~ ​Playtime and exercise will be provided multiple times a day. The dogs go out in small groups, or alone, depending on the needs and personalities of the dogs that are here. We have two small fenced paddocks, an indoor playroom and the back of our property is completely fenced providing a dog park like area for exercise and fun! 

~ We highly recommend bringing your own food to keep bad bellies away. We will gladly accommodate your meal time routine to the best of our ability. Unless your pet has dietary restrictions, we provided daily treats at no extra charge. Unless your dog has special needs, we prefer to use our own bowls for meals and water. 

~ We gladly administer medications to anyone that might need it at no additional charge.

Here is a list of items we have a the Ranch provided at no charge:


Bowls (we prefer to use ours)




Leashes (we prefer to use ours)


To serve you and your family best, we work by appointment.

We are available by appointment for drop off and pick up during the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 9-11 a.m. & 4-6 p.m.

Saturday: 9-11 a.m.

Our guests are fully cared for on the weekends but the The Ranch is closed on Saturday afternoons and Sunday's to humans and therefor do not offer check in's or check out's during that time. 

We observe all major holidays and may be closed or have adjusted hours. Please inquire when making a reservation around a holiday.

Because we are a small, personalized business, please note that we stay pretty full and book up quickly, especially around the holidays. Please let us know as early in advance as you can to ensure your spot here at the Ranch. 

We do not charge a cancellation fee or change fee. We simply ask for you to let us know if your plans change as soon as you can. 

Vaccine and Health requirements for our guests:

A current and up to date Rabies, distemper and parvo vaccine.

A bordatella vaccine given within 6 months.

A fecal check with a negative result within the last year. (We highly recommend you get a fecal check every 6 months if you frequently board, visit dog parks, or walk your dog outside of your own yard.)

Free of fleas and ticks upon arrival.